Thursday, November 28, 2013

News from Div. 7...

SD42 Online Payment/Forms Portal

Thanks, Div. 7 parents, for putting our division into the lead for the Pizza lunch contest!!  The kids are very excited about being in first place.  I am hoping that the new parent portal is useful for everyone.

Sum Dog

Students got their ids and passwords today for this addictive new game site... that just happens to strengthen math skills too!  They are encouraged to practice their skills at home (and shop for their avatars when they earn enough "cash").  As classroom teacher, I can log in too and see their progress.

Art's Supplies

A number of members of our Alouette community were touched by Typhoon Yolanda.  One of our Div. 7 students, Jarid, has family in the Philippines.  Our custodian, Art, is from the area hardest hit (Tacloban City), and he will be traveling there for Christmas.  Alouette is collecting funds to send with him to directly help those in this devastated area.  If you can spare anything at this time of year, please send it soon and Mrs. Wightman's class will collect it for "Art's supplies"!


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