Thursday, October 17, 2013

SD 42 Online Forms and Payment Portal

Hi Families,

If I have heard back from you that you did not get a payment portal form (or if I have heard nothing), I have requested a form for you.  I will send it home as soon as it arrives (likely tomorrow).

The office tells me that at this time we only have four students registered for online payments.  This is the site you would have signed up at:

It is very important that you sign up as soon as you are able, as we are no longer going to be handle our permission forms via paper.  Permission forms and payments will be made online.

Nancy Rupert


Cat said...

done! Question..will we be notified when there is permission forms or do we have to frequently check...might be a silly question but one will only know when one and light Aiden's mom ; )

Nancy said...

You will receive email to this effect. :-)

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