Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mrs. Basso's Trip to Colombia!

Hi Parents and Students,

You will remember that at Christmas time the students decided that instead of doing a gift exchange, they would collect toys for poor children in Medellin, Colombia.  A student in our class is closely associated with a charity (Seeds of Love and Hope) that provides families in this town with their material needs.

Mrs. Basso visited Medellin during spring break, and she brought your generous donations to a class from the local school (children the same age as those in Div. 7).

She was kind enough to take photos of the children receiving their gifts.  You can see from their expressions that they were very appreciative.  Mrs. Basso visited our class last week and shared her experiences and answered the students' questions.

Gracias!  I think that this act of giving meant far more to the students of Division 7 than receiving a toy themselves would have, and it helped open their eyes to the disparity of wealth between Canadians and Colombians.


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