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Healthy Eating Project

Health and Career Education: April

Name:  _________________________________   

This month in HACE we are working on the following learning outcome: “[students will] describe choices they can make for healthy eating, based on Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating”.

You will be investigating the Food Guide using online resources.  You will then demonstrate your understanding of the Food Guide through an art project.

Activity:  Show a day’s healthy eating.

Your job is to artistically represent three potential meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as healthy snacks that would meet the Canada’s Food Guide requirements for a person your age.

In order to create this project, you will first need to use the guide here
to find out how many servings a person your age needs.

List them here:

Category                        Number of servings I need daily

Next, you need to find out what a serving looks like.  Check out this link: as well as the links on the bottom of the page that comes up.

Write examples here:

Category                        Example of one serving

Next, make sure you include some wise choices!  See this link:

Write one tip per food category:

1. _________________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________________

3.  _________________________________________________________________________

4.  _________________________________________________________________________

Answer the following questions (short answer is ok):

1.  Should children eat a low-fat diet?

2.  What is the best drink for children (and all people) to have with meals?

3.  Should children eat the same amount of food at each meal?

When you have finished doing the above reading and responding, hand in your answer sheet and begin work on your art project!  See the criteria below for more information.

The Daily Plate:  an artistic depiction of health eating for children

You are to depict a day’s worth of healthy eating in a creative and educational way.  


1.  You should portray at least one morning meal (a healthy breakfast), one midday meal (a healthy lunch) and one evening meal (a healthy dinner), as well as any healthy snacks that might be eaten between meals.

2.  You should also include any beverages you would like to have during each meal or snack.

3.  All foods depicted should be foods you would actually like to eat.  The foods should be depicted in a way that looks appetizing as well as healthy.

4.  You may use as much creativity as you would like for your depiction, but there should be a title: “{Your name}’s Daily Plate”.  Somewhere on the project you also need to label the foods you are depicting, as well as what serving size of which food guide category is represented.

Examples of art projects:

-a poster showing a day’s worth of meals, fully coloured using pencil crayon

-a 3-D model of a day’s worth of meals inside of a shoe box using plasticine

-a mobile with hanging drawings or models of each meal or snack

-an acrylic painting of a restaurant table, filled with the day’s meals

-a collage using magazine pictures or can labels that represents the day’s meals

Due date:  Wednesday, April 23rd


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