Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks...! Just a quick note as we wrap up a fun school year... I am glad so many parents were able to come to the school to watch our class play this year. If you got some good photos, please send one or two to me at nancy.rupert@gmail.com and I'll put them on the blog for others to see. Mrs. Kollen and I were so proud of the students, who put so much effort into their art/props/costumes/acting. It was neat to see how excited they all were, too--and who knows, maybe one day a famous Hollywood star will say, "I got my start on the stage at Alouette Elementary..." I just want to confirm that tomorrow (Wed.) and Thursday are full days, although students are welcome to go home at lunchtime on Thursday. That day we have an assembly in the morning, and then a concert (hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be outside). Anyone who stays at school in the afternoon will go to the gym, where a movie will be presented. I will be asking students to bring home everything from their bins, desks and the cloakroom tomorrow. Report cards will go home Thursday. I think that's it! Mrs. Kollen and I have very much enjoyed each and every student we've taught in Division 7 this year. It's a privilege to get to work with your creative, enthusiastic children! Have a wonderful summer.


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