Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Year is almost over!

This school year, more than any other for me, has just flown by. I think working part-time this year has been part of that. And the next few weeks will zip by even more quickly. Speeches are now finished, and I am happy to say that the students simply excelled during the in-class speeches. Congratulations to Kai and Hannah, who represented the grade five students in the gym, and to Tiffany and Sara, who represented the grade fours. All four did a terrific job in the gym Mrs. Kollen tells me, and Kai and Tiffany were chosen to represent grades five and four at the district event this week. Hannah also got to attend as a runner-up. Well done! I will posting details later this week about our upcoming publishing party, celebrating the result of hard work by the students in creating their novels. Parents will be invited to attend (watch for invitations). In writing, the class blog will no longer be part of the homework. Kudos to those students who kept up with it, but because I want to ensure that all students are practicing their writing, we are transitioning to paper journals for the remainder of the year. Your child should be bringing home a paper journal he or she created and writing in it for about twenty minutes at least once a week. Please let me know if you are not seeing this come home at least one time per week, and I will let you know if your child isn't meeting minimal expectations also. We will be having a field trip to the ACT on June 1st--watch for a permission form to come home very soon, and I will be looking for parent drivers. Nancy


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