Thursday, March 1, 2012


A couple of important things went home with your child today:

-strike notice.

The current situation with the job action is that the MRTA is withdrawing services Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

As a result, some parents are wondering about homework for next week on days where job action is scheduled. Mrs. Kollen asked me to pass on to you that the science test will be postponed until after Spring Break, so students need to bring home their duo tangs and textbooks and study over the break.

-Art Cards

All art cards must be returned to the school by next Thursday, as I am grading them as part of their art marks. All orders must be back by Friday. I think the butterflies turned out very well, and that they will copy well.

Mrs. Kollen asked me also to pass on to you that it would be very beneficial during students' time away from school next week and Spring Break if students who have not mastered their times table yet practiced it. Most of the fours are still working on their facts, and speed/accuracy in this area is so helpful down the road in math. For my math, we're doing fractions, so working this into your conversations would be helpful. Also, there are some great apps/websites that help kids practice their facts/fractions.

I have received and marked all but one Nanowrimo story now, and I have to say how impressed I am with the efforts the students have put into them. We're on to the next step starting tomorrow (publishing!) and after Spring Break we will have our authors' celebration. Details to come on that!


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