Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and that...

Tomorrow the grade five students will begin the DARE program, which is being taught by an RCMP constable. The grade four students will work on other Health and Career activities during this time with me.

On Friday the grade four students will be having a quiz on time. They did their review today, so in order to have time to review their answers tomorrow, I moved the quiz back a day. They need to know how to read an analog clock, the difference between am and pm, how to tell time on a 24-hour clock and how to solve some word problems involving time.

The written portion for Social Studies is due tomorrow. This is based on the notes the students completed before Christmas. It is not a huge amount of writing, and students have had several blocks of time to work on this and the visual part of the project. The visual part and the written part must be ready in combination next week (so, if it's a poster, that is due. If it's a puppet show, students must be ready to present next Thursday). The class will have at least one more block of time to work on this, and then groups need to look at coordinating outside of class. Please contact me if this is a concern.

My apologies on the quick turn-around for the spelling bee. I received the information on Friday, and we need to have names in to the school for this Friday, but some students will be away on the ski trip, so we are having our class bee tomorrow. I hope that I have emphasized to the students that this is not meant to be a stressful experience, but that they should review their words tonight so they'll feel ready tomorrow.


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