Friday, November 11, 2011

Check in on your budding novelist!

I am so impressed; Division 7 was floundering a bit this week when it came to our Nanowrimo goals. On Wednesday we were 14% of the way to completion with about a third of the month gone by. By Thursday we were at 18%, but many ambitious writers had increased their personal goals, finding that the Young Writers Program guidelines were too conservative for their abilities! Way to reach for the stars, Div. 7 writers!!

However, today I am thrilled to see that our class is at 42%, which is where we should be! Yay!!

Please ask your budding novelist to show you his or her story (on Google Docs). At this point we have learned about the structure of a story, good beginnings, and we've talked about character, so hopefully you see some of those lessons reflected in the writing. Next week we will talk about setting and good endings.

Also, remind your writer to make sure he or she has updated the YWP Nanowrimo site with the latest word count!


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